12.00 Drug Round

You are on Hepburn Ward. It is 12.00 and your mentor Jim is working with you.
You are looking after Mrs Margaret Jones. She is a 32 year old female admitted with abdominal pain last night. She has a large ovarian cyst and she is pregnant. She is going to have surgery to remove the cyst tomorrow. No other past medical history of note.

SBAR Handover / Report Sheet

AREA: Hepburn Ward      DATE: 5th March 2011      TIME: 7am


Mrs Margaret Jones *SAME NAME IN BAY*

32, female, Next of Kin husband

Admitted for removal of 7cm ovarian cyst

On Mr Brown's list tomorrow


11 weeks pregnant, increased abdominal pain and nausea, on ultrasound found cyst, due to risk of rupture and pain for surgery.  No other past medical history. 

To be seen by the obstetric team


Vital signs stable

Pain appears well controlled

Anxious, not sleeping

Recommendation and repeat back

Monitor pain and vital signs

Contact obstetric team to find out when they will see Mrs Jones, Find out when going to theatre

Review Ibuprofen (contraindicated) on Dr's list

Administer the appropriate drugs for Margaret Jones

To access the patient you must log onto UChoose and if you haven't already enter the code VDR

  • Go to UChoose click Get Started and log in with your UWE username and password
  • Click on "Have a code? Enter it here"
  • Type VDR into the code field
  • Click Play Cases
  • Select "Margaret Jones, 12.00 Medications" from the list 

If you have already entered the code you can click the link below to start the simulation

Start simulation (this will open in a new window)

Note: if the above link doesn't work, go to UChoose, log in click play and select "Margaret Jones, 12.00 Medications" from the list