Welcome to the Virtual Drug Round. Using this online package will help you develop your skills and knowledge of medication administration by practising in an online simulated environment.

Why have we developed the Virtual Drug round?

This is a skill that many students find difficult as there are many decisions that need to be made before giving medication. We know that there are many points where errors can occur which have serious consequences for our service users (NPSA 2007.)

It is very important that as a student nurse you practice drug administration and understand the essential steps to make administration safe (NMC 2010a). In practice this skill is always undertaken under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. However, you may not deal with medications regularly on every placement. This tool provides a safe environment to practice drug administration when you feel you need to.

How can it help me?

The Virtual Drug Round allows you to explore and learn how mistakes can happen and how to avoid making them.

We have built in different pathways, so you can practise the correct procedure or choose pathways where errors are made. It’s important to explore as many pathways as possible so that you understand what can cause errors, such that you can avoid them in the future.

Although we want to encourage you to identify when there is a risk of an error (and therefore avoid it!) it is also important that you recognise when a drug error has occurred, so that you can understand how to respond appropriately in the patient’s best interests.

Evaluations of the VDR tell us that year 1 students who use this feel more prepared for clinical practice and assessments (including OSCE’s). This tool will allow you to practice step by step the OSCE criteria for safe administration of drugs 

How does it work?

  1. Go to each of the four drug rounds (listed in the left hand menu
  2. Listen to the handover and then select Margaret Jones, our patient.
  3. You will start the case and you will have a set of decisions presented to you. You choose what you would like to do first and then you get more information. Your mentor will be with you whilst you are on the Virtual Drug Round
  4. The drug chart and BNF are accessible as you go along
  5. You will get feedback from you mentor as you go along,
  6. You will complete the process of administering the drugs... then you can have another go if you want to explore other options to see what happens.

Before beginning is recommended that you read and are aware of the: Nursing and Midwifery Council Standards for Medicines Management

You will also find the OSCE criteria useful