Both of the below solutions are only to be undertaken when using computers outside of the university. Any one that is experiencing problems internally will need to consult with a computer assistant.

Part 1 - This file will take approximately 1 min to download on a standard 56.6KB modem.

If you are experiencing any problems with the animations and activities within the course, you may need to download a small file to enable you to run the course correctly.

Click on the 'Flash Player 6 Download' button and it will take you to the macromedia web site. All you need to do is click on the 'install now button' to download this file. All instructions are provided within their web page.

Part 2 - This file will take approximately 2.5 mins to download on a standard 56.6KB modem.

If you have undertaken 'part 1' and are still experiancing problems it may be to do with the browser you are using. .

I would advise you to use internet explorer as it runs the animations and activities correctly. If you are running internet explorer check the version that you are running. If you are not running version 6+ you can click on the' Internet Explorer download button' to download the latest version.

Internet Explorer Download

Flash Player Download