Activity 1

The pelvis is divided into two parts:The true and false pelvis.

The false pelvis is the part of the pelvis situated above the pelvic brim. It is formed by the upper flared-out portions of the iliac bones and protects the abdominal organs. It is of no obstetrical significance.

The true pelvis is the bony canal though which the fetus must pass during birth. It is bounded at the back by the sacrum, at the sides by the ischia and in front by the pubes, forming a solid ring of bone. It has a brim,a cavity and an outlet.

As a midwife you need to be familiar with the landmarks of the pelvic brim in order to give appropriate care and advice. Midwifery textbooks e.g Bennett and Brown (1999); Silverton (1993), Sweet (1997) Label the diagram of the pelvic brim.