Useful Resources

Books held at UWE

Barnet College, Continuing Nurse Education Programme (1990) Measurement in Nursing London: Barnet and Central Manchester, Open Tech Project

Benn R (1997) Adults count too: mathematics for empowerment Leicester : NIACE

Booth D (1995) Maths made easy Chapman and Hall

Coben D & Atere-Roberts E (1996) Carefree calculations for healthcare students, Basingstoke: Macmillan

Doolan C (1999) Applying numbers and IT in health and social care, London : Cassell

Gatford J D & Anderson R E (1998) Nursing Calculations (5th Ed), Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone

Glenn J & Maccaugherty D (1981) SI units for nurses Harper & Row

Lipsey S & Ignatavicius D (1994) Math for Nurses: a problem solving approach, Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders

Llewellyn S & Greer A (1996) Mathematics: the basic skills with answers (5th Ed), Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes

Rayner D (1994) Intermediate GCSE mathematics revision and practice, Oxford University Press

Whisler B, Whisler L & D (1992) Mathematics for health professionals, Boston : MA, Jones & Bartlett

Other Resources

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