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Adult Nursing programme, Numeracy should now be accessed via the Mandatory Training course in Blackboard.

All healthcare professionals require a reasonable level of numeracy for the safe administration of medicines and fluids, budgeting and the interpretation of statistics.

This course is designed for you to work through on your own. You might like to have calculator, pencil and paper to hand. (There is a calculator available under Start->Programs->Accessories).

The Course Material includes technique and application topics and forms the main part of the numeracy skills course. The sections can be worked through independently.The tasks can be completed as many, or as a few, times as wished.

The Assignments section contains multiple-choice quizzes to practice your measurement skills. Feedback is available as soon as a quiz is completed.

Please use the Discussion Board found under communication to make any suggestions or comments.

Help explains various aspects of using the Numeracy Skills course. Within the course, click the Help button (at the top-right of each page) to bring up the help screen.



Important Note for Year Three Students

September Cohort need to do the MCQ BEFORE July.

January Cohort need to do the MCQ BEFORE December.