post a message on the forum?

General forum help

Forum's on the Learntech site are simple to use. Once you enter the student forum area (as shown below you can view current threads on subjects that have been posted. As a student you can reply to these threads or start a new one with a new subject matter.
What the forums look like.


Creating a new thread
By clicking on new topic you will enter into the post creation screen. This text box has similar tools that are available in Word to help make your post look flashy. To add links to your post be sure to use the globe icon which represents inserting hyperlinks. Once you are happy with your thread, give it an appropriate title and click Post.

Ading threads.

Replying to threads
To reply to a thread click the reply button located inside each thread. The tools available for replying are exactly the same as creating a thread. The only thing missing is the subject title as that was declared in the thread. Once happy with your comments click the post button to reply. 

What a reply looks like.