Microsoft Word 2003 Help

Changing font size:

To change the font size of your text you have two options available. The easiest involves using the drop down list located at the top of the word processor. You can either type the size you want or click the number that you want.
Font size

The second way of changing the font size is to go to “Format”, select “Font” and change you size there.

Changing Word Fonts:

Fonts are useful as they can help make text more visually appealing when used properly. You can change fonts in exactly the same way as changing font size by using the font drop down list.
Changing fonts.


Adding line spacing

As a student you may be required to add 1.5 line spacing in your work at some point. To do this you will need to click on “Format”, select “Paragraph”.

Format and then select Paragraph

This brings up the “Paragraph” window which you can use to customise your settings. Under “Line spacing” is a drop down list which gives you all the spacing options.

Select line spacing