System Requirements

System Requirements

LTDU (Learning Technologies Devlopment Unit) has put together a list of Technical Requirements to help make sure you are prepared to take an online course. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to participate fully in your course.

Recommended Personal Computer Requirements

  • Windows XP or above
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • 256 Megabytes (MB) of RAM
  • Sound card and speakers / headphones
  • Graphics Card capable of playing video
  • Broadband (512k and above)

Online Learning students are required to have access to a computer with Internet access. Students may be able to access these resources on campus, at work, or through other public resources.

Additional Items a Course May Require

For additional software needed for your module, please check under course outlines on the page "How to Use This Website".

All UWE student thin-client machines, and student thick-client machines running Windows 2000/XP, have the correct version of Java installed.

Non-UWE computers can be upgraded to the correct version of Java by going to: for PCs

Firewall Problems

A Firewall is an internet security measure used by many corporate and government sites to protect their network from intrusions.
If you use a PC in an organisation or business there a large chance that you are behind a Firewall. Online learning resources may be restricted or unreachable. If you have trouble accessing resources, you must contact your network administrator to see if they can grant you access through this restriction. UWE cannot resolve these restrictions for you. All we can do is provide your network administrator with information which may assist in resolving your problem.