Suggested Interpretation of Self Test

Use the key questions for analysis to consider the following three photographs, writing down your thoughts about each.

Photo 1

Suggested Interpretation
This is a busy scene showing lots of young adults (university students) socialising outside a building. The majority are seated, having conversations with friends. There are many holding alcoholic drinks, possibly lager or beer. There is a building in the background, with a large amount of glass frontage and a couple of tree trunks in the foreground. The sun is shining and some of the students are wearing caps. The majority are wearing short sleeved tops, though have trousers on. The photograph might have been taken in the late spring, or early/late summer. It is suggestive of the campus being a lively centre, with the provision of facilities that support student recreation.


Photo 2

Suggested Interpretation
The photograph is set in a library. It has shelves of books in the background and shows four young adults (students) studying, though the activity of three of the students is more visible. The subjects include a female and two males. The students are using textbooks and articles, and are working at tables, either reading or writing. It is difficult to determine the time of day or year, though the subjects are wearing clothes with long sleeves, including jumpers and shirts, therefore it is not likely to be a summer month. It suggests studying is a valued and important part of the student's life and that of the institution they are based at.


Photo 3

Suggested Interpretation
The photograph is set in the city of Bristol, in the dock area, and is a waterside scene. It appears that it is a sunny, warm, summer's day given people's dress and the presence of sunshine. The subject of the photograph is the dockside, including the water with a ferry sailing on it. A further two boats are moored at the dockside and people are sitting and walking around enjoying the day. In the centre of the photograph is a sculpture of flag masts with two central flags, one showing the University of the West of England logo. In the background are a roadway, buildings and trees. The scene is suggestive of the City of Bristol's historical maritime links, showing the City as having an attractive centre that is vibrant and can be enjoyed by all.