Windows Vista

Changing the display settings for Windows Vista

To change the display settings for Windows Vista, first you will need to go into the Control Panel. To access this click the Start Menu button and select the Control Panel on the right.
start menu


This opens up the Control Panel window. Control Panel lets users customise their PC’s. To change the display settings, you will need to click on Personalization. Most of the Vista display options are located inside here.Control Panel

In this window you are given several options on how to customise your PC.

Changing the Windows Colour
you can set the colour of your windows and adjust the intensity as well. If your computer is running slow, it might be an idea to un tick Enable Transparency as that requires a fair bit of computing power. After you have chosen your settings, click OK for them to take effect.
Windows Color and Appearance

Setting desktop resolution
On lower resolutions, text and images can appear bigger. However the higher the resolution the more crisp the image will be and the more stuff you can have displayed on your monitor. To adjust the resolution, adjusts the slider in the Display Settings window and click Apply.
Display Settings

Change the text size in Windows Vista
To change the text size, you will need to click the Adjust font size link located on the left of the Personalization window. Then Click the continue button and select the text size you want.

To change the font size.