What do Service Users expect of Social Workers?

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The National Occupational Standards for Social Work include a Statement of Expectations from those who use services, their carers and their organisations. In communicating and sharing information practising social workers should be mindful of the views of people who use services, and carers, expressed here.

Social workers must:

  • Explain their role and the purpose of contact, e.g. assessment, and  their powers, including legal powers in a way that can be understood by all involved
  • Inform users and carers about what steps they are going to take
  • Give information to users and carers about their rights and entitlements
  • Be open and honest about what they can and cannot do
  • Be honest if they cannot offer the resources needed
  • Inform users and carers about what is available, beyond the brief of their organisation
  • Talk to those requiring and using services, and their carers, with due respect for their age, ethnicity, culture, understanding and needs
  • Involve users and carers in decision making
  • Offer users and carers choices and options
  • Share records with users and carers
  • Build honest relationships based on clear communication

Published by Topss England, in the National Occupational Standards for Social Work statement of expectations